They are billions rumoured to launch 2 new modes in Latest Playstation Games

They are Billions became a huge success since its launch. So, the developers decided to launch 2 new scenarios of the game in the survival mode. These are known as the deep forest mode and the Caustic lands mode. The former one is supposed to be easier and attract players who want to play the survival mode at an easy level. Whereas the latter is supposed to be filled with a lot of tough challenges and has up to 30 % of the map according to the game store page. This is a huge opportunity for the fans who loved the original version of the game and wanted more of it. Though it is rumoured and the official confirmation is yet to come from the team.

That’s not all it is also been known from the insiders that this game is all set to be launched for the PlayStation mode an also across Xbox one by as early as the starting of July. This news, however, has been recently confirmed by the official team who broke the news on Twitter for the fans.

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