Rage 2: feel the nostalgia

If you are looking to play some of the gamiest games out there then you should surely get your hands at Rage 2. The designers of the game have not only borrowed ideas from some of the most incredible games which were present in the history of the gaming community but they have also duplicated some of the best shooting games which were of the first-person perspective. Be it good game or bad game, or any of the games which were forgotten and are now in the dust of times, each of them are now a part of the game.

Do you remember that monster boss from the Gears of War or have you forgotten that weapon which was present in the Dark Sector, or that serene setting from the Borderlands, and the palette of color which was present in the Sunset Overdrive, each of them is easily visible in the game and it is sure to make you feel nostalgic. In spite of all these the game is surely going to satisfy your thirst for a good game. You would surely be playing the game all day long in spite of the various bizarre things and inadequacies which are present in the game.

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