Observation: From The Eyes Of An AI

How would it feel to “view” the world from the “perspective” of artificial intelligence? A majority of the cultures out there are looking upon the artificial intelligence as the end bringer or as the one which would be bringing wrath upon humanity. The technology is going to destroy the whole of the human civilization from the starting to the end. The priority of the technology can be seen being distinctively human and hence what a mind which is made up of certain codes and programs is going to think or feel and how it is going to express itself.

The game “Observation” is going to take on this notion and is trying its level best to amend those notions of, how would the world become when artificial intelligence is going to gain some strength and how its senses are going to respond. The bigger threat than the annihilation of the human society is the uncertain future which might be held for us. This game is trying to interpret the world through the eyes of artificial intelligence and how the lack of emotions and precedence which is present in reality is possible in the present times or not.

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