Now play Destiny 2’s core for free of cost

There is some good news coming for Destiny 2’s game lovers. Bungie is making some major changes in Destiny 2, especially in its MMO. Developers are focusing mainly to enhance the MMO elements and changing in some more modules. The best part for the game fan is developers are making some significant game for the free, it means now users can play the game for free of cost. There is an assumption that behind this decision the main reason is the release of shadowkeep DLC. as it is already announced that shadowkeep DLC is going to be in the market by September. The game will be available in all platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and google stadia as well.

This announcement has been made by Bungie before the Electronic entertainment expo 2019 and as per the company the free light game will be available soon and it will be free to play. The game will be including all the expansion till the time and it will be full gameplay for the users. There will not be any module excluded from the lighter version. So now no one has to purchase Destiny 2 as you will be getting the lighter version of the game very soon.

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