Jason Blum added on to the rumours about a sequel of Halloween

Making a sequel of a successful movie has been on trend these days. So, after the huge success of reboot horror movie Halloween, everyone was speculating a sequel of the movie. Recently Jason Blum posted a picture of him and Curtis on his Instagram account. In this photo, Curtis was holding a miniature doll of his character from the movie.

This speculated fans to think that they were discussing on the sequel of the movie. The possibility of this cannot be denied since a sequel was in Curtis’s mind when making the first movie itself. But later the team thought that simultaneously making of two movies could be a huge waste of resources in case the first part does not perform well in the Box office.

So, it can be said that a sequel was always on the mind of the whole team and the success of the first one just made its way clearer. With such huge hype about the movie, it can be speculated that the sequel will be quite a success if made and people will wait for it for sure.

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