Funko Pop will be Seen in E3

The biggest and most popular gaming show electronic entertainment expo 2019 is all set to start from 9th June to 13th June. There are many announces has already started to keep the audience’s excitement level high during the event. Some of the announcement has been leaked by the reports and some are getting announced by the social media platforms from the company itself. A very popular toy manufacturer company Funko has revealed some information through Twitter.

The tweet was from the official handle of the Funko before the event. In the tweet, using a video they have presented some exclusive pops including ciri, sora, the siren Maya, Donald duck etc. These are from the series Kingdom hearts 3, The Witcher 3 etc. If you wish you can check out the tweet and video on Twitter. This has increased the excitement level of the fans and fans have showered their love by comments on the post. Funko has also replied to some of the fan tweets.

Fans will be excited to watch the pops in the event, the event is also arriving very soon and it is actually soon than in previous years. With such official announcements happening in the twitter fans are now looking forward to more such announcement from others as well.

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