Finally, the 5th-week challenge of Fortnite season 13 is here

The Fortnite game has been a huge success since its launch in the gaming world and a number of sites came up with different fortnite hacks and cheats and some players even purchased a boosting service to proceed ahead in the game. With this huge craze in the market, the developers launched the 5th-week challenge of fortnite season 9. This means the fans now have a whole new set of challenges and adventures to fulfil. Like the previous weeks, the tasks of this week are also divided into 2 categories. One that is open for everyone and the other one exclusively for those who have spent their V bucks in order to purchase battle passes of the season 9.

You can visit their official site to know about what all you can do with the challenges if this week and what all extra are available in the special launch that is made for the battle pass owners. These new tasks are available in a wide range of platforms including PlayStation so you need not worry about those issues. The developers have indeed invested a lot of efforts on these recent tasks.

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