Doom patrol and Legends of tomorrow became losers into superhero adaption

As there is a trend going on of creating series or movies based on superheroes comics. This adaption has been really successful for some of the series including Arrow, daredevils, The flash etc. Characters of these series have become superheroes character. In legends of tomorrow, the characters are having a lot of fun on the screen, there are some scenes in series that is giving fun to watch. However season one was to the point and dark as the story but in season second, there are so many weird scenes is making it funny. As the season includes time travelling concept that gives independence to include any character from arrows and other series. legends of tomorrow character are being used mostly for drama than to show the heroic part of them. The comedy is coming from the main superhero character but at the same time writer is making sense sometimes.

Doom patrol has also acted just like legends of tomorrow but in some part, it has featured some heroic moment. The fight scene in season one was the premium sequence of any superhero series. Doom patrol always have the kind of superhero family but it doesn’t represent itself as a heroic way.

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