A Gangster In Making With Shakedown: Hawaii

When you are starting the game you would see that you have come to the place presented in the game before this. The game is an open world game which would portray you like a small town gangster who would be trying his way up to climb the ladder of the crime and at the end would be owning the whole of the criminal city. But if you feel that there is some amount of “essentially” in the game, Shakedown: Hawaii, then you are wrong. When the game is going to end you are surely going to own up the whole of the city.

The game could be known to be a semi-sequel to the game Retro City Rampage. The prequel or semi-prequel of the game was also an open-world game which is more like a tribute to the Grand Theft Auto. The game is having some visuals which are surely going to take you down the memory lane but are full of the sensibilities of the modern world. One of the major points of the game is that you can own almost any number of buildings and to be true every building which is present in the game.

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