Google makes an official announcement about google stadia video games

Google stadia has been quite an expected launch for the entire gaming society and this time the official announcement is finally made by Google. Google recently announced everything

about the google stadia including the streaming services of the video games and even the launch price of the game and also a number of other information about the launch of the game. Thus, if you were someone who was searching for news related to the recent launch of google stadia then go to any web news page and check out all the latest details about this. You can even have a look at the series of games that Google already announced that would be available in the google stadia.

Not only this the google stadia is now open for pre-orders and you can check out a number of other details made in the official announcements in their website. You can choose a monthly or annual pack and the price of these are mentioned officially in their sites. It includes a number of games like Destiny 2, GRID, Gylt, just dance and several others, so go and check out the list.

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