Top 5 Android Games on the Internet!

At FPPGames, We are presenting you Top 10 most amazing games on android that you can play in free time. Just take a look:

1. Dude Theft Wars

Dude Theft Wars is an open world game that was developed by Poxel Studios. The game is available for playing on smartphones. Dude Theft Wars is based in a city called Dude-o-polis where the players can do whatever they want.


The game revolves around Dude, the protagonist of the game. At the beginning of the game Dude is a normal guy but then he realizes that his life could become more fun. So the players can control Dude to do whatever they wish. Dude can ride cars, use weapons, become a gangster, and a lot more.

Features Of The Game

  • Dude Theft Wars is an open world sandbox game. The game is endless and the players can do whatever they want in the game.
  • There is a first-person perspective in the game. This makes the game more enjoyable as this gives the players a feeling of them really being the character.
  • The game has many different weapons that could be purchased at weapon stores in the game. There are weapons like AK47, Shotguns, Revolvers, and even Grenades. The player can even use his hands to fight in the game.
  • Ragdolls are also present in the game. This makes the game more enjoyable as the player can perform stunts with them or beat them up.
  • Numerous vehicles are available in the game that the player can drive around the city or use to perform different stunts.
  • The game allows the player to roam around the city and witness the beauty of the city.
  • Hundreds of people are also present in the town that the player can interact with.
  • Dude Theft Wars is a really enjoyable game and it is really addictive because it is endless. Players love this game because it allows them to do whatever they like.

2. Another Eden

Another Eden is a role play video game that was developed by Wright Flyer Studio. The game was published by GREE Inc. The game is available for playing on Android, IOS, and Nintendo Switch.


The game revolves around the main character of the game Aldo and his sister Fienne. As the game progresses, the Demon King tries to take advantage of Fienne’s dormant abilities in order to destroy humans. Aldo tries to save his sister and while doing so he somehow travels 800 years into space. The game then follows the story of how he saves mankind.


  • The game is a role-playing game. The player controls the actions of the main character Also.
  • The display of the game is side-scrolling and some times there are even 3D action scenes.
  • Another Eden is a free-to-play-game and also has in-app purchases.
  • The game is divided into 26 chapters that the player has to complete in order to finish the game.
  • The game is divided into three-time slots, the past, the present, and the future.
  • As the game progresses, the main character of the game Aldo encounters many non-playable characters and often has interactions with them.
  • The fights with enemies are turn-based. The enemy and the player have to attack each other one after the other.
  • As the player moves ahead in the game, he becomes stronger as more characters join him and he also receives some items that help him. But, the player may have to spend real money in order to get some of the characters and items.

Another Eden is a very interesting game with great sound play and story. The story of the game is so gripping that once you start playing it, you wouldn’t want to stop. The time-travel in the game is what has added to the fun part of the game.

3. My Cafe Restaurant

My Cafe Restaurant presents to you the fun and excitement of running your own restaurant. Be an entrepreneur and face the challenges of running a business and making your customers happy in this amazing strategy game.

Exciting features of the game

As the owner of the café, you have to decide the strategy through which your business can attract new customers and earn profit. There are numerous features of this game that will keep you engaged for long hours. Some of them are as follows:

Grow your café

Make a restaurant of your dreams by hiring and training staff, set your menu and the prices that you deem fit. You can set up your own coffee shop or restaurant which ever you think can be handled best by you. Experiment with different recipes and make something original that belongs to you only.


If you like to design or decorate your place then there are many designs that you can choose to attract more customers. You can do a complete makeover of your café or restaurant with different décor styles and positioning the furniture in your place as you think will be the best.

Indulge in storylines

The storyline of this game is very interactive. As the owner of the café, you get to meet different people from different backgrounds. Start conversation with them and choose different options of dialogue lines and experience a completely different ending.

Go social

Play with your friends and meet form townships with other like-minded people. Compete against the owners of other restaurants or café and defeat them to win amazing rewards.

For all the lovers of restaurant or café simulation games, this game is certainly the best pick. With amazing storylines to unlock and different recipes to master this game will definitely make you addicted to it.

4. CSR Racing 2

In this era where many amazing games are being developed every day, many players have grown tired of the same old racing games. This game might just change the point of view of these players. CSR Racing 2 came out in 2016 and until now it has already been downloaded over 10 million times.

What’s special about CSR Racing 2?

Car games and drag-race games depend on how much thrill they can provide to the players. Other than being one of the hottest games released recently, the stunning visuals and high-end graphics provide players as realistic of an experience as they can imagine from a drag-racing game. You can also compare your racing skills with all kinds of players around the world with various diverse and realistic cars. Other than that the game also offers –

  1. Graphics – The graphics of the game are next-gen and might push you to redefine what your expectations from a racing game. With the Augmented reality feature you can show-off your cars in an even more wonderful manner.
  2. Cars – The game features the latest and best cars for your garage including Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and many more.
  3. Customizations – You can configure and customize all the amazing cars that you own inside of your warehouse garage inside out including the rims, brake calipers, and paint of the cars modifying them like in real life.
  4. Racing – You can race both offline and in real-time against live players. Start by dominating your city through winning competitive crew battles and then compare your racing skills in real-time.
  5. As you work your way up to the top slowly in by improving your skills, it is important to look out for various exciting events and challenges that keep coming out as they can provide you extra cash that you may need for more exciting upgrades and configurations.

5. Kill Shot Bravo

For the fans of the sniper shooting game, Kill Shot Bravo is the ultimate choice. As a solider in the special forces your mission to arm yourself with special military grade weapons and go on convert mission inside the territory of the enemy.

Features of the game to look out for

As an FPS game, this game packs lot of features and some of them are as follows:

1. Over 2000 missions

There are more than 2000 different missions with different objectives to complete in this game. From battle in the jungles to covert missions in islands you will travel through the world to neutralize terrorists.

2. Live duel with other players

If you want to test your sniping skills then go on a player vs player duel and eliminate your target before they eliminate you. You can use the heat meter to close in on your enemy and take them out easily.

3. Participate in bounty events

This game lets you build alliances with other players through which you can take on the missions that are hard to complete solo. There are also exclusive zombie hunting events where you have to kill a large army of zombies to earn rewards. You can join with your friends to assist them in shooting enemies or ask them to help you out through in-game chat function.

4. Unlock cool items

There are many cool items and gears that are waiting to be unlocked in this game. Unlock all your military grade items like uniforms, facemasks, boots, helmets, etc to be the best soldier out there.

With so many features and interesting gameplay, you will be amazed to know that this game is free to play. If you are looking for some action-packed shooting game featuring covert sniper missions then this game is definitely for you.